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My name is Rick. I'm a designer and developer from The Netherlands. I'm a father of 2. I love being in the outdoors; fishing, hiking and mountainbiking are some of the things I do to clear my mind and relax.

I've been a designer and developer for over 20 years now. In the past, I’ve coded in a lot of different languages like ObjC, Swift, PHP, Java, C#. I’m currently focusing on designing 3D graphics using Cinema 4D and building applications using Javascript/React.

The project I'm the most proud of is Flitsmeister, which started as an app I built with Sjoerd and Jorn to prevent us from getting speeding tickets. It's now a profitable business and has over 1.800.000 active users in The EU.

Being able to both design and develop is a lot of fun. When you have an idea, there’s nothing holding you back from building it.

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